The Mitas Flash
Oct 14th 2016.

The Mitas 'Flash' bicycle tyres adapt perfectly to the UK’s changeable road conditions and provide plenty of rider confidence thanks to their puncture-prevention and reflective sidewall properties.

 Our tyres are manufactured with Mitas unique Stop Thorn Ultimate (STU) technology which provides a 4mm special rubber compound placed between the tread and carcass to help prevent damage penetration. The sidewall reflective stripe is a high quality visual safety aid, effective throughout the tyre’s lifespan.

 The Flash offers all-weather performance and is hard wearing, but still giving a comfortable ride and exceptional rolling resistance.

With a recommended retail price from just £16.94 for a tyre that has astonishing longevity, Flash by Mitas. Trade price of just £8.47 (plus vat) for the most popular size of 700x35.



700 x 40 Flash Stop Thorn Ultimate -  £6.31 (RRP £18.92)

700 x 35 Flash Stop Thorn Ultimate - £8.47 (RRP £16.94)

 26 x 1.75 Flash Stop Thorn Ultimate - £9.13 (RRP £18.26)

To secure your order, and avoid disappointment, call Matt Lane on 07795 010308, or email 

*Prices quoted at subject to VAT at the standard rate and delivery charged at £7.00 if order is less than £70.00. Tyre pictured is the Flash.