The Mitas Arrow has arrived

At long last the wait is over……….The Mitas Arrow has arrived

The Mitas arrow is a folding Tyre, designed for all city cyclists seeking durability, grip, and speed.

Designed specifically for urban cyclist, looking for a semi-slick profile, giving rapid acceleration but the comfort of a 700x25 tyre.

Special silica medium rubber developed to meet the needs of the urban cyclist. More solid rubber to withstand sharp braking but more durable than standard. Weighing in at 260g per tyre its on par with it competitors.

The grooved profile combines key features, better distribution of water, better road-handling and low rolling resistance making it ideal for intensive urban use.

The Arrow will be optional black, red with black side wall, or grey tread.

With an RRP of £24.49, maybe it’s time to get your Mitas Fix.

This is just one of our many tyres in our range.

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