March 11 2016.

The Stop Thorn (ST) comprises a 3mm thick rubber buffer produced from a special compound and placed between the tyre’s tread and carcass.

The puncture preventative properties incorporated in the technology eliminates the risk of tyre defect. Safety too is enhanced by the application of a reflective stripe on each ST tyre.

ST is applied, as standard, to Rubena Flash V66, Walrus V41, Cobra V58, Hook 69 City and Tour tyres in 28x175, 70x40C, 700x35C, 700x32C and 26x1.75 dimensions. Trade costs are from as little as £3.00 plus VAT, for the Cobra anti-puncture which carries a recommended retail price of £10.00. The high-end Flash Stop Thorn in 26x1.75 is priced at £8.36 trade and £16.72 retail.

With overnight delivery, no minimum stocking plan and a dedicated brand specialist advisor, isn’t it time to take advantage of some really healthy trade margins and check out the top-quality range of tyres from Rubena and Mitas?

Call Matt Lane on 07795 010308 or email for further information.

Top - Rubena stop thorn with puncture protection rubber belt. 
Bottom - Cobra anti-puncture available in 700x32C from just £3 trade.